is a commodity much sought after, and at present I think in very short supply. The world is changing irrevocably before our eyes.

This is a place which in recent years has become somewhat overrun by tourists, seeking not peace, but the perfect selfie to add to their list, or perhaps the perfect fine art photograph – which in recent times meant getting up very early in the morning!

The Church of The Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

As I did when we were last there in January.

I captured the image below in April 2010 on my first visit. My life was in turmoil at that time, but this place was peaceful!


I have discovered that peace can be found in the One called the Prince of Peace. Nothing surprises him, and perhaps out of all this change will come good. Perhaps a world where something other than the movement of money is used to measure success and wellbeing. Where we care for each other. Where we respect and care for our planet.


Here in New Zealand we are in lockdown. Our government has acted fearlessly and swiftly, and for that I am grateful. I work in support of the airline industry, and I know that my retirement plans are about to be brought forward somewhat, but if that is my part of the price of saving many many lives I am content with that. More time for photography!

One thing I do know is that this will pass. In the meantime my wife is now working from home, for the first time in her life. I have been doing that for twenty years so I am showing her the ropes! It is quite a pleasant interlude. My vegetable garden has been slow this summer as we have had a cool summer. Which means there is going to be food going into the winter for us. I have planted some late brassicas for harvest in the spring.

And I have peace. May you also be blessed with peace.

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